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The only official student society for the University of Sheffield Department of Economics, we are here for all students of the department.

We play an active role in organizing academic & social events for Economics students, oversee student representation and provide various other opportunities to those who wish to get more involved with their department.




We will endeavour to bring in top-quality speakers to the University of Sheffield, sharing expert knowledge on some of the most important economic issues of this era.

Through our partnerships we hope to offer unparalleled opportunities to enhance your employability, through exclusive workshops, presentations, mock interviews and assessment centres and one-to-one support.




A further goal of the society is to improve the relationship between alumni and current students. It is clearly of key interest to students to find out what University of Sheffield Economics graduates are doing with their lives five, ten or even twenty years down the line.

We seek to open up more avenues for communication between the two groups through our alumni events and newly launched mentoring programme.




Of course, being a student is also about meeting new people, trying new things and generally having a great time. Economics students (contrary to popular belief!) are no exception to this. We are the only society on campus that can put on events exclusively for Economics students and we see this as a vital step to creating a more relaxed community feel in the department.

​A true highlight of the year is our society’s annual End of Year Ball, a black-tie dinner / party. The attendance of over three hundred students, high demand for tickets and the enthusiasm shown on the night supports our vision for a more complete schedule of socials for economists.

In addition to the ball, we run an ambitious freshers programme for new students, including events such as the Freshers Bar Crawl to start the year with a bang.

​On top of this, we are planning a Christmas social and several smaller events throughout the year, working with the university and other societies to get the best possible experience at the lowest possible cost for guests. ​

Another highlight of our social events calendar is the end of year trip, where the society travels together to a country for a few nights, gathering priceless experiences and making unbreakable friendships.





This year’s committee is exceedingly strong and we are always looking for new people to get involved. We are very keen to continue to keep the society open to all students and will be looking to fill the existing role of Freshers Representative at the beginning of the year.

​Whether your interest be in marketing, academic events, socials, journalism, internal and alumni relations, treasury, external relations or just a pure interest in the subject, our society seeks to provide support for any students wanting to take a more active role in the department. Not only this, but it is also a great way to make friends, meet fellow students and engage with members of staff outside class.

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